Talent, as well as potential, have to be trained and supervised constantly,
starting from a recollection of objective data, which must be as exhaustive as possible.

This is possible with “The Draft”, the most complete and technologically advanced
program of talent scouting for professional and semiprofessional clubs.


Professional training session (individual or groups), friendly game and verification tournaments with international clubs: everything is analysed with the help of top-notch technologies (drones, 4k, analysis software) and evaluated by a wide range of talent scouts present on the field, or through some videos recorded by our staff during the event.

You will get a complete dossier with all your personal, technical and psychomotor information accompanied by videos, which have the aim to verify your skills and, where necessary, apply corrections. This will also be useful for your future opportunities in and outside “the draft” program.

TheDraft takes you to express your "maximum level" with:
Check-up through BIA (Bioelectrical impedance analysis) for estimating body composition.
The scouts will take part at the training session or will see the videos for further assessments.
Creation of a dossier for the athlete.
Comprehensive analysis for the determination of the initial psychomotor parameters.
Observation and registration of the technical-tactical training sessions and of the matches with the aid of new technologies.
Accurate determination of strengths and areas of improvement.

We will provide all necessary equipment and you will get the chance to participate to the closing tournament in order to become one of the 14 best players who will have access to the final selection. After the final selection, we will elect the top 3 players who may have the opportunity to become part of professional soccer clubs.

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Finally first TheDraft!
That's it! The first TheDraft arrives and will be in Spain and more precisely in the city of Matalascañas in collaboration with the Club Atlético Matalascañas and the patronage of the municipality of Almonte. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this unmissable event and have the opportunity to reach your "MAXIMUM LEVEL" and have the opportunity to participate in the selection slots of professional clubs. Find all the information in the various sections of the site and in the attached flyer.
march. 6, 2019
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TheDraft program - Matalascañas
TheDraft program - Matalascañas Day 1
march. 6, 2019
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TheDraft Program - Matalascañas
TheDraft Program - Matalascañas Day 2
march. 6, 2019
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TheDraft program - Matalascañas
TheDraft program - Matalascañas Day 3
march. 6, 2019
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